Setting focus and adding bokeh

Learn how to set focus and create bokeh effects.

Setting Focus and Bokeh

Under the Settings Tab within the studio you find a toggle button to switch Autofocus on or off. Turning it off switches to Manual Focus.


When Autofocus is turned on the focus of the virtual camera will always be set on the last product selected in the scene.

Switching focus options

Manual Focus

Once the Manual Focus is activated you can set a new focus point by right clicking on your target in the scene. When there is no product in your scene, you have to manually set the focus on the preferred spot, otherwise the final photo might be blurred.

Depth of Field

Changing the Depth of Field will change the strength of the blur of the parts in the photo that are out of focus. The further away an object is from the focus point the blurrier it will be.

Adding bokeh


Bokeh Effect when setting Depth of Field to strong (preview vs. final render)

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