Do I need a 3D model for zerolens?

Learn why own 3D models can be necessary for zerolens and why it is the new state of the art in content creation.

3D Models at zerolens

If you want to create photos of your own models/products then you will definitely need a 3D model. But if you are using zerolens as a design tool, then you don't need an own 3D model. Learn here what a 3D model is, if you need more information.

In general, our software can be used from product photography to web content design and many other use cases. Depending on the use case, you need your own 3D models or you can use existing models on zerolens.

At zerolens we have two types of content: 

  1. Content with own 3D models
  2. Content without own 3D models

1. Content with own 3D models

What do we mean with that? This includes the creation of photos that include your products with a specific design as a 3D model. If you want to use zerolens to create photos of your products you need a 3D model. Examples for that are commercial photography and design.

Photo with own 3D model

As soon as you have uploaded your 3D model you can use it in any template to create photos. If you want to find out more about the 3D model upload and the requirements click here.

2. Content without own 3D models

This category includes all the 3D models that are available on zerolens. You can use them to create designs, abstract art, content for websites and many more use-cases. For this category of content you can start right away (without uploading an own model) with the creation of amazing photos and artworks. See an example photo below.

Photo without own 3D model

Happy content creation! :)

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