How to hire a 3D modelling freelancer or agency?

This lesson will give you a summary of what you need to consider when hiring someone for 3D model creation.

Hire a 3D Model Creator with Success

If you decided to not search for an 3D artist or agency on your own and not use our 3D modelling service, this article helps you to better understand whom to contact and which information is required. Especially if you have a physical product that you are selling, you will need 3D models of that product to do virtual photoshoots. The following lesson is a guideline on how to hire a freelancer or service to create 3D models that you can use in zerolens.

In order to get your own 3D models, we'll cover the following parts:

  1. What kind of 3D artist/service should I choose?
  2. How to describe my 3D model requirements?
  3. How to ensure the right quality?
  4. What are realistic costs of 3D models?

1. What kind of 3D artist/service should I choose?

The type of service that you need depends on the number of 3D models and on time sensitiveness. In the following section the most common used types of services are listed.

1.1 3D Freelancers

This makes the most sense if you need between 1 and 10 products as 3D models. A talented 3D freelancer can usually create a single object in less than a day.

1.2 3D Agencies & Services

These are larger companies that specialise in creating 3D content. If you need more than >30 products as 3D models,
you can think about using them to ensure consistency and timely creation of the models.

2. How to describe my 3D model requirements?

It's very important to describe exactly what kind of 3D model you need. The more information the 3D service company has, the better. There are three important parts that you need to send with your project request. This actions will ensure the best results. To make this process easier we created a form where you just insert all the necessary info and share it with the artist/agency.

2.1 Multiple images of the product(s)

Shoot images from every angle, the more the better

2.2 Size guides - to give indication of the dimensions of your product

Describe dimensions

2.3 High-quality labels (in case your product has print data or a label)

Add label/design

3. How to ensure the right quality and format? 

It is crucial that the freelancer or agency understands the quality and format requirements of the 3D model(s).

4. What are realistic costs of 3D models?

Depending on the number of models that you buy and the complexity of the models the cost will be determined.
In general if you only buy a few models the price range will be the following: 

  • Easy 3D product
  • Medium 3D product
  • Difficult 3D product

The difficulty depends on the form of the 3D model and the additional materials used. The easier the form and the less materials, the cheaper the model will be. Be aware that we provide you with an extensive library of materials which you can choose from during the upload process. In most cases you will only need the geometry of your product.

Be aware that this is only an estimate and actual costs may vary. It needs to be assessed on a case by case basis, depending on the specific models you need. If you already have a 3D model in the right format, check out this post on how to upload it to zerolens.

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