How do I move 3D models?

Learn how to move 3D models within the zerolens editor.

Moving and Placing 3D Models

At zerolens there are two different tools to move 3D models:

  1. Place tool
  2. Transform arrows

Both options allow you to move 3D models within the scene to arrange them in a beautiful composition.

1. Smart moving of objects

  1. Select the "Place Tool" + Click (Press "Q") on the 3D model you want to move or simply Press SHIFT while having selected other objects and or tools
  2. Then simply Drag the model with your mouse to a desired location

This is the main method of moving 3D models in zerolens. You can use it to place 3D models in a physically correct matter.

2. Transform arrows

  1. Left Click on the 3D model you want to move
  2. Choose the "Move Tool" or Press "W" on your keyboard
  3. Move the model with Left Click + Drag on the respective transform arrows

Pro Tip: Press "U" to switch between the local and the global coordinate system when moving objects.

This method is especially useful if you want to place objects in the air or at a very particular point in space. If you want to learn more about how to create great compositions at zerolens, check out this tutorial. Also check out the shortcuts you can use in within the viewer.

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