How long does it take until my photo is finished?

Learn why some photos take longer than others and what happens behind the scenes in the creation of your photo.

Time to Photo

It can be 3 minutes as well but up to 1 hour in extreme cases too - on average it takes 5 minutes. In general there are 3 stages until your photo is finished:

  1. Waiting list
  2. Rendering stage
  3. Final photo

1. Waiting list

If you shoot a photo at zerolens it will be first on a waiting list. As soon as the server is ready to process your image, it will switch to processing.

This step should not take more than maximum a few minutes

2. Rendering stage

In the rendering stage our servers work hard to simulate your photo to be as realistic as the real world.

This step is an intense computational process

3. Final photo

As soon as your photo is finished, you will get a notification and an email. You then can take a look at your creation. After that you can download the photo or edit it again if you are not happy with it.

The last step unveils your results

Why do photos take time to be created? 

There are several reasons why it takes time to produce your image. We use very calculation intense simulations to create realistic lights and shadows in your image. As a result our machines have to work really hard to create your photo in a high quality.

To give you a glimpse, a state of the art laptop would need about 20 hours for a high resolution image to calculate.
So 5 minutes seem fair again - right? :)

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