How does the billing work?

Learn how our billing process works.

Billing Process

Go to Account Settings > Plans, type in your payment details and Click "Pay Now". We currently accept all common credit cards. You will be billed after the 2-week trial or if you create more than 5 high-quality images. You can cancel beforehand and don't worry, we will remind you as soon as this happens.

zerolens can be used with different subscriptions. Subscriptions will be renewed automatically every month. After confirmation, an invoice is issued and you receive credit according to the plan you have chosen. The subscriptions are automatically renewed every month.

Free Preview Photos

Preview photo

Once you registered at our platform, you can shoot preview photos for free. These photos come with the zerolens watermark. This way you can create photos and only pay for them if you really like the result.

High-Quality Photos

Final photo

High-quality photos, without watermarks are only available after your subscribe to a free trial of a subscription plan. After selecting a plan, you start a 2-week trial with 5 high-quality images included. Each subscription plan gives you a different number of high-quality photos that you can create every month.

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