Get help sourcing your 3D models

Learn where to get your custom 3D model from.

You are looking for your own 3D model to use zerolens? 

We are here to help. Just follow these steps and transform your physical product into a 3D model. Either we do the job for you or feel free to search for a 3D artist/model on your own. Here are 4 different sources:

1. Use our in-house modelling service

Click below to start the ordering process. We ask you to provide us with some product photos, respective dimensions and design files. Once you entered all the necessary data about your physical products and variants of your products, our 3D artist team will do the magic for you. Sit back and relax while your product gets transformed into a custom 3D model. We then hand over a zerolens account with your ready-to-shoot products included.

-> Order Form

Order Now & enter all the necessary data

2. Hire a 3D artist/agency of your choice

We recommend using Fiverr to hire your first 3D artist if you don't have an artist of your choice. Contact a few different artists to get the best proposal and decide on the artist of your choice in order to use zerolens. We created an artist brief form which easily allows you to provide the artist or agency with all the required information. Follow the link below to get to the right category instantly, choose an artist or an agency and attach the brief. Read more about hiring an artist/agency.

-> Go To Fiverr

Find your 3D artist on Fiverr

3. Buy a 3D model on the web

If you have a standardised packaging you can also try to find the right 3D model on online 3D marketplaces. Search for a suitable 3D model on the web and set it up yourself in zerolens. Be careful, the quality of models can differ a lot. We do not recommend to do this if you do not have any prior 3D experience. Check out the guide on how to find your 3D model on the web.

Here are some marketplaces we recommend:

4. Use your existing 3D models

A lot of companies already have 3D models of their products. The most common forms are 3D models from previous advertising, design or manufacturing processes. If you already have an existing 3D model, then make sure that it is prepared in the right data format. Check out this post, to learn how to upload your 3D models.

If you or your artist have any questions we are always happy to help! Simply contact us via our messenger in the bottom right corner!

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