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Get help sourcing your 3D models

Learn where to get your custom 3D model from.

How can I source my 3D product and then shoot it?

Learn how to source, setup and shoot your product.

How do materials in 3D work?

Advanced guide to add and create custom materials.

How to create and upload custom materials for 3D models? (Advanced Guide)

Advanced Guide to add and create custom materials.

How to edit materials and add labels to 3D models?

Learn how to work with the material database of zerolens and create a replica of your product in 3D.

How do I replace a product?

Learn how to exchange existing products in templates with your own ones.

How do I rotate 3D models?

Learn how to rotate 3D models within the zerolens editor.

How to lock 3D assets?

Learn why there is a possibility to lock 3D assets.

Which browser should I use?

Find out which browsers we currently support.

How to hire a 3D modelling freelancer or agency?

This lesson will give you a summary of what you need to consider when hiring someone for 3D model creation.

1. zerolens in 3 Minutes

Experience virtual photoshoots in 3 minutes.

What is a 3D model?

Learn what a 3D model is and how it is created.

How many photos can I take?

Learn more about the number of photos you can take within your plan.

How can I switch my plan?

Learn how to upgrade or downgrade your current plan.

How can I delete my user account?

Here is how to delete your user account.

What are shortcuts in zerolens?

Learn about our useful shortcuts.

What is a zerolens template?

Learn about our template library.

Which photo formats can I export from zerolens?

Learn about exporting and downloading finished photos.

How can I export 3D models?

Learn about exporting 3D models.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Learn how to cancel your subscription.

Does it run on my iPhone/Android?

Check the mobile compatibility of zerolens with your phone.

Where do I get my invoice from?

Learn where to find your invoices.

Which plan should I use?

See which plan fits best to your individual needs.

How can I reset the camera?

Learn how to reset the camera within our zerolens studio.

Can I change my product label?

Learn how to change your product label on your own.

Can I trial zerolens for free before subscribing?

Our different plans allow you to trial zerolens.

What 3D format can be used?

Learn what kind of 3D model you need for our platform.

How can I save photos in zerolens?

Learn how to save photos and access your photo history.

Can I change the light setup in a template?

Learn more about the light setup within our templates.

Can I duplicate 3D models?

Learn how to duplicate 3D models within the zerolens viewer.

How do I scale 3D models?

Learn how to scale 3D models within the zerolens studio.

How to set the aspect ratio in a photo?

Learn how to change the aspect ratio in a photo.

3. How to upload your 3D model?

Learn how to import your 3D models to zerolens.

How long does it take to learn zerolens?

zerolens does not require any design experience.

How do I edit existing photos?

Learn how to recreate existing photos.

Do I own the rights on the photos I create?

Read more about rights on photos created in zerolens.

How does the billing work?

Learn how our billing process works.

Can I import CAD files?

CAD files don't work with zerolens yet.

Can I invite other people to my account?

Our invite system allows you to invite other users to your organization and work collaboratively.

Do I need to download any software?

zerolens is a web app that runs entirely in your browser.

Do I need a 3D model for zerolens?

Learn why own 3D models can be necessary for zerolens and why it is the new state of the art in content creation.

How long does it take until my photo is finished?

Learn why some photos take longer than others and what happens behind the scenes in the creation of your photo.

Can I modify the 3D model mesh?

With zerolens you currently can't change the mesh of a 3D model.

How do I move 3D models?

Learn how to move 3D models within the zerolens editor.

How do I move the camera?

Learn how to move the camera within the zerolens viewer.

Who can access my uploaded 3D models?

Your 3D models are safe in our studio.

Where are my files and 3D models stored?

Read about secure file storage on zerolens.

Setting focus and adding bokeh

Learn how to set focus and create bokeh effects.

2. First steps with zerolens

Learn how to use the zerolens studio in a few simple steps.

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