Why A/B testing at all?

Use a flip of a coin to choose the winner. Use A/B testing to independently evaluate critical aspects of your digital channels, making data-informed decisions.

With A/B-testing, you can easily find your most effective image, text, and ad combinations. Display different photos to your audience to find out what performs best on your target group or specific measure. Simply improve user engagement, content, and conversion rates.

A/B Testing

Create countless ad images at ease

With Colorful you can easily do countless photo shootings within a short period of time

As a result, you can create many different photos for your A/B tests. Using different virtual photo sets, angles, moods, and products, you can shoot photos that capture the attention of your target group.


Improve your marketing now

We believe everyone should be able to use experiments in their marketing, regardless of budget.

There is no such thing as a perfect image. With our software, you can find the one that works for your product most effectively. This is your opportunity to improve your marketing strategy!