12 Digital Marketing techniques you can implement within a day

This article is a summary of marketing techniques for small businesses. The measures are easy to implement and can improve the marketing performance drastically.

Digital marketing strategies based on long term objectives are the key to successful internet marketing. However, there are some low-hanging fruits in online marketing that can be implemented promtly.

In this article we have gathered 12 marketing approches that you can basically implement within less than one day.


Digital Marketing Tips


1. Market your 404 pages

2. Link important pages from the imprint page

3. Tweet content more than once

4. Reduce AdWords click prices when reaching budget limits

5. Improve titles and descriptions of your websites

6. Reaching fans and followers at the right time

7. Redirect deleted web pages

8. Use internal search to generate ideas for new content

9. Find matching link collections

10. Retaining visitors with additional content

11. Over-suggest for finding negative keywords

12. Track your mentions on Twitter

1. Market your 404 pages

Most of the time 404 pages are empty and offer no value add. They only inform the customers that the page is missing. As a result the customers often quit the page.

In order to keep the session going, marketers can implement deeplinks to content on their webpage or design creative 404 pages.  

As an exampe, if you have an online shop, you can integrate a product search function on the 404 page, in order to redirect the customer back to the shop. Here are some great examples of great 404 pages:


The 404 site of pixar (screenshoot: pixar.com)


Steve Madden’s 404 page includes hot products for the customers to stay on the page.


The objective is to motivate the visitor to click again. By analyzing the bounce rate of each 404 page you can determine the best performing 404 sites and improve your overall visitor duration.

2. Link important pages from the imprint page

The imprint page of your business is very likely linked from every page of your website. As a result this pages receives a large amount of so-called link juice (important for SEO).

By linking sub pages from your imprint you can improve their rank. All you have to do is add a link below the actual imprint.

3. Tweet content more than once

Content is often only shared once via Twitter. The lifetime of a tweet is short. Therefore, it is only seen by a part of your followers. By sharing it several times you can achieve more retweets and more traffic.

Especially evergreen content is very suitable for this.

4. Reduce AdWords click prices when reaching budget limits

If you notice that you're always running up against your preset budget limits in AdWords, you should rather reduce the click price than, for example, reduce your advertising time via the advertising scheduler.

Lower the click price only slightly and observe exactly how impressions, clicks and conversions develop. Adjust the click prices until the budget is exhausted. Thus, you get more clicks at the same cost.

Check out different biding strategies on adwords.

If necessary, you could also check if you can use a shared budget. By sharing budgets you can create a common budget for several campaigns.

This is especially interesting if the click prices in your market segment are extremely large.

5. Improve Titles and Descriptions

By analyzing your website you are able to find the 30 most important pages of your website. These are some of the most common tools to analyze your page.

·       GoogleAnalytics

·       Woopra

·       Kissmetrics

·       SpringMetrics

Then you have to find out which keywords your pages use to attract a lot of visitors. Take a look at the titles and descriptions and think about how you can make them more appealing.

You can use two different descriptions for really important keywords. The most important thing here is always to understand what is the user's intention  behind their search.

For example, if the user is looking for the"best football player ", it is good if the item date is current and the title contains the current year (2019).

6. Reaching fans and followers at the right time

Presenting new content to your main target group in the middle of the night via social media channels promises little success.

But even during normal working hours, there are times when it's better to post, and times when you're unlikely to reach your target audience. In Facebook insights and other tools, you can quickly find out when your fans are most active and when you should be active.

These tools can help you determine the right time to post:

·       Hootsuite

·       Buffer

·       SproutSocial

7. Redirect deleted pages

In the course of time, pages are deleted since they are no longer needed. However, if these pages have incoming links, their power will no longer pay link juice into your domain.

So redirect these deleted pages via 301 forwarding to another relevant page. Visitors who click on the link will still land on your page and the link power will be preserved. You can check whether there are deleted pages with incoming links on your website, for example with:



8. Use internal search to generate ideas for new content

If you've set up your web analytics tool correctly, you can find out what your visitors were looking for on the site. Often it is so easy to see which content is still missing and should therefore be created.

If you have not yet set up tracking for the internal search, you should do so quickly. Here are some articles that help you with the implementation of analytics tools:

Online Metrics - Analytics Implementation

EConsultancy - Analytics Implementation

9. Find matching link collections

Uses the following search operators in Google:


Simply replace "yourwebsite" with the adress of your page. As a result, you'll find pages with topics related to your page. Ask them politely if it would be possible to include a backlink to your page. But always question whether this link would also be useful for your visitors, because Google could - as always in link building - recognize a pattern and punish you.


10. Retaining visitors with additional content

Let's say that you write blog articles and thus attract some visitors to your website. To keep them on your website, or in the sales funnel, you could offer them a download with appropriate content at the end of the article. In exchange for this valuable content you will ask for their email address. A good example is Hubspot with this page: Hubspot

You can also call for readers to sign up for your newsletter in return. Inform the reader about its advantages accordingly. As an example, about the opportunity to always receive the newest articles or  special offers. Thus, you increase the probability of conversions for this type of target. Tracking via Google Analytics is also suitable way to clarify questions , such as: "After which article do most downloads take place?


11. Over-suggest for Negative Keywords

It often takes some time for an AdWords custom page to find useless keywords. Using Ubersuggest, you can exclude keywords that have little chance of success from the very beginning.


This way you can improve the overall effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns and get the best out of your Adwords budget.


12. Track mentions in Twitter

Social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, or Sprout Social make it possible to monitor specific keywords in Twitter.

For example, you can monitor your brand name and thus react quickly and relevantly to tweets. Especially if you do a lot of content marketing, the analysis of social media platforms is crucial in order to understand how users react to your content, which articles lead to new followers, etc.

These were 12 digital marketing techniques for you to implement within a day.

Let me know in the comments what worked out the best for you.