10 Skills Every Marketer Should Possess

Whether you would like to improve your marketing or are looking for what skills to include in your resume to apply for a marketing job, here is a list of 10 skills every good marketer should possess. Enjoy!

#1 Good public speaking skills

Even though public speaking is people's  No. 1 fear, it is also a highly useful skill when it comes to marketing.

Every marketer should be able to express himself clearly and confidently, whether it's delivering a speech for a PR event or pitching an idea to a client.

When preparing for a public speech, there are three things to pay attention to for a successful deliverable:

Body language: posture, hand movements, eye contact, how much you move on the stage, tone and speed of your voice - pay attention to these aspects and you will appear more confident straightaway!

Content: well-structured speech together with a simple but powerful presentation that helps visually to get your message across to the audience goes a long way.

Engagement with the public: Are you able to relate to the public with your content? Are you asking them reflective questions? Or do you prefer cracking jokes during your speech?

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#2 Learn how to get a story across

People buy stories. As a marketer, storytelling is definitely one of the skills you need to master.

When writing content about your product, it is much easier to sell the emotional benefit of it, rather than hard facts.

Maybe that dish soap eliminates all grease in one go, but if it will allow you to get rid of washing dishes faster and be able to spend more time with your loved ones, that's what truly matters.

Besides, content marketing is essential to not only attract, but also retain more customers. It generates more traffic on your website and allows you to create a stronger community of followers, which easily turn into leads.

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#3 Being open to new ideas  

A fact is that marketing in 20 years is done completely different today, and trends are constantly changing.

An important skill for every marketer is trying new things as well as being open for feedback. The truth is, in marketing there is always something new to learn, ideas to be implemented. If there is a new marketing tactic you would like to try, you should go for it. It might just work out great!

If you as a marketer work in a team, better for you! Where there is a team, there are more ideas. Listen to what your team have to say and implement the most viable ideas in your next marketing campaign.

Besides, when you are more open to new ideas, you are also open to feedback. And this allows you to improve as a marketer and reach that next level in your skills and career that you are striving for.

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#4 Creativity

Being a marketer comes with the advantage of being creative in your job, something that lacks in most of the jobs around the world.

Creativity at your workplace is a skill that you, as a marketer should always use. But thinking outside the box is not always an easy task. Sometimes ideas just don't come.

Here are a few ideas on how to become more creative:

Read more: marketing is like a blank canvas that can always be filled with creative things. By reading all you can find on marketing, listening to podcasts, research about companies with successful marketing campaigns, ideas will come to you as well!

Disconnect and Brainstorm: put your device away for a while and allow yourself to focus completely on what you are doing right now. Then start brainstorming and you will find yourself full of ideas you didn't even expect.

Think from a customer point of view: Imagine yourself in your customer's shoes and understand what would they enjoy in your next marketing campaign. This will allow you to make your campaigns more customer-friendly, which should always be the goal.

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#5 Customer Centricity

The product or service offered by your company is meant for customers, whether it's a person or enterprise.

Just like companies shape their products to be user-friendly and better for the customer, you as a marketer should always keep in mind what the customers needs are.

To become more customer-centric as a marketer, here are the questions to ask yourself:

1.      How is my marketing content solving the pains of my customers?

2. How am I bringing more joy and happiness into my customers lives through my marketing strategies?

3. Is this just another marketing tactic, or is it adding real value to my customer's life?

Being customer-centric is a crucial skill for every good marketer out there, and striving to become even better at it will only benefit your company in the end.

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#6 Analytical Skills

Data is a marketer's best friend. It allows the marketer to get useful insights into the customer's behavior, taste and preferences and what not.

When analyzed thoroughly, this data is key to more successful marketing campaigns that aim directly at the target market and helps the customer with its real pains.

Analytical skills should be in the baggage of knowledge of each good marketer, especially because of the range of analytic tools available that make the job of a marketer much easier (Google Analytics, Piwik, Marketo, MixPanel, Moz Pro, Hubspot, etc.)

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#7 Basic graphic design skills

As a marketer, graphic design is definitely part of your job and is a skill you should possess.

Whether it's creating a design for an Ad, a poster or a social media post, having some basic design skills will help you understand how to connect with the customer through an image.

Besides, it will allow you to contribute directly to the creation of the design itself (even if a graphic designer is working on it). Seeing your ideas transform into visuals allows you as a marketer to have more control over this aspect of the marketing campaign and ensure the design is well aligned with its purpose and delivering the right message to the viewer.

Now it has become easily accessible to acquire such skills as graphic design. If you are interested to learn about it, or improve your skills, Skillshare is a great platform with a variety of courses, including graphic design.

There are many tools to be used for graphic design both for beginners and more advanced level (Photoshop, Pixlr, Adobe Create Suite, GIMP, Inkscape, etc.)

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#8 Content writing

Everyone can write content, but not everyone can write good content.

Most people are overwhelmed with the amount of information online and aren't looking just for content, but for quality content.

Content marketing is all about providing people with useful information, with the aim to have them converted into leads in the end.

Ultimately, your goal as a marketer is to add value to your customer's life with your content and sneakily sell your product in between as well.

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#9 Understanding Social Media Algorithms

With the world moving towards advanced and technology, the Internet is something essential in our daily lives. Varying from shopping for groceries to ordering massages, all that and more can be done online.

An important aspect of the internet is social media, and often digital marketing opens up physically inaccessible markets.

This is why understanding social media algorithms is crucial for a marketer because these algorithms can be used to reach a higher number of potential customers over social media.

These algorithms show what words need to be used to access people, when should the marketing posts be made and sometimes what even the design in terms of color of sizes of the post as well.

Thus it is crucial for a marketer to understand social media algorithms.

#10 Knowing how to set strategies

Creating strategies for marketing is as important as for any other area of work. If you are a marketer and find yourself that you can't think strategically about your work, that's probably a skill you should learn.

A marketing strategy is a very detailed, long term plan set to achieve specific goals that revolve around increased sales, attracting new clients, higher revenues and a more satisfied base of existing customers.

Having a well-defined strategy for marketing is quite important for every company that is looking to expand and grow. Besides, it sets the pace of work internally for the upcoming period of time and allows the company to become more competitive externally as well.

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