10 Most Inspiring Tumblr Photography Pages

In this blog post we will showcase the most inspiring Tubmlr Photography pages to spark your imagination and provide you with new ideas for content.

Being a part of the art world means that you are constantly on the lookout for inspiration and it has now become a trend to look ‘outside the box’ and do something vastly different to what everyone else is doing.

When it comes to photography, there are so many things to take pictures of in a certain category, that it can be hard to make them stand out. Social media might not be the first place you would look at when searching for an inspiration, but we can bet that these tumblr photography pages will have you inspired and ready for some more pictures.

1. Photography Week

Photography Week is more than just a tumblr photography page. It is actually the tumblr page of a digital photography magazine of the same name, which is curated by DigitalCameraWorld blog. Each weekly issue focuses on one particular aspect of photography, with recent issues highlighting portrait and landscape photography.

While the magazine is published weekly, the tumblr photography page updates daily and has some stunning high-quality photography for its followers every day.

(Ghostly Cub by Jordi Fernandez via Photography Week)
(Storm on the Seaby Yan Larsen via Photography Week)

2. BenLowy

What often starts of the smallest tends to be the most interesting. That’s how we can describe Benjamin Lowy’s tumblr page as well. As a photo journalist, he initially started it as an iPhone project, which has now grown into a tumblr photography blog documenting his daily experiences.

As he says himself on his tumblr photography experience – “social media has someone freed me from the constraints of a print-only career.” His page is all about self-expression and his beautiful photography reflects that.

(Fireworks by Ben Lowy via Ben Lowy)
(Ridescapes by Ben Lowy via Ben Lowy)

3. If you Leave

What I’ve loved about compiling this list is that I’ve come across so many different kinds of tumblr photography pages. This one is a complete opposite of the last one and yet still just as inspirational.

If you Leave is a compilation of works by around 250 different photographers. Their objective is to capture beauty that silently represents faces, subjects and landscapes and shows their true personal and intimate worlds inside. They also create collections of their favourites at the start of each new year which showcases photography that has been the most popular with their viewers.

(Piero Donadeo via If You Leave)
(Luca Del Puppo via If You Leave)

4. CameraObscura

Camera Obscura is so much more than a tumblr photography page. It is a blog curated carefully by co-mag.net and not only does it feature some great photography, but it also publishes in-depth articles on art and photography.

The reason that makes Camera Obscura stand out from other photography pages are its publications in 5 different languages, allowing it to have a much bigger audience. Although its tumblr photography page no longer seems active, its existing content – both pictures and articles – can serve as some great inspiration for young upcoming photographers.

(Falling back down to earth: recovering from “levitation”, by Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela via CameraObscura)
(Forgotten Life, by Alex ten Napel via Camera Obscura)

5. Megan McIsaac

Megan McIsaac’s tumblr photography page
features what she herself has titled her online journal. The content stays true to the title and features what seems like a very personal collection of everyday moments, people and objects alongside quotes and small paragraphs of writing. While the photographs on her page are all vastly different, it is clear that each one has a story which makes it all the more interesting for her followers.

(at Columbia River Gorge via Megan McIsaac)
(Herbert List Anna Magnani in the Garden of Her Country House, San Felice Circeo, Italy  1950 via MeganMcIsaac)

6. AmericanPhoto

AmericanPhoto is actually the tumblr photography page that features photos and links from the website of the same name as well as submissions from their followers. A lot of their photographs are accompanied by captions that explain the story behind the photo or share information in relation to it.

This is the kind of page you can’t just scroll through. If you’re feeling inspired enough feel free to submit your own photos with a few lines of description and your personal links. Here’s a few examples of the photos with their captions:

(Monumental Arch, Louis Vignes, 1864. Albumen print. 8.8 x 11.4 in. (22.5 x 29 cm). The Getty Research Institute, 2015.R.15)
(Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, NYC, 1948 by Herman Leonard via American Photo)

7. Artpixie

Artpixie is also one of those on the list that is more than just a tumblr photography page. It is a personal blog that features other aspects of art such as design, crafts, illustration, and typography, all of which are curated by Sophie Banh. You can choose whatever you like best and I’ve often found that these different aspects can be brought together to experiment and have fun with.

(via Artpixie)
(via Artpixie)

8. Please Excuse The Mess

Just like the name, the contents of 'Please Excuse The Mess' will definitely make you look twice. The quality of its photographs is no less than any other selection on this list but its content is definitely not along the same lines.

Want to know what I mean? Have a look for yourself and find out. This tumblr photography page is managed by LA based photographer Stephanie Gonot and mixes contemporary portraiture with his own vivid photography.

(An Attempt To Fit In (Minnikahda Park mud, clay, toothpaste, food coloring), 2013. Via Please Excuse TheMess)
(Loves me, loves me not (Outside the Lines series) by Ramona Rosales via Please Excuse The Mess)

9.Vogue on Tumblr

Fashion Lovers Alert ! If fashion photography is your thing, or you love glossy magazines, Vogue’s tumblr photography blog is the right place for you. It’s got all the latest on how to dress, live, eat and socialise and it’s no secret that Vogue has dedicated following that follows these trends to the letter.

(What to Wear to Every Beach Wedding via Vogue on Tumblr)
(Opera Director Robert Carsen on Staging Karl Lagerfeld’s Epically Moving Memorial Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde via Vogue on Tumblr)

10. KiberaStories

Kibera stories’ tumblr photography page is a long-term photo journalism project by Bryan Jaybee. It tells everyday stories from Kibera, his own birthplace and shows Bryan’s passion about sharing stories from his rich homeland which represent the realities of life there – both good and bad. He also uses this project to shed light on several social issues inthe area as well.

(A man holds a candle during a poetry event held in Kibera to remember the youths who have fallen victims to extra judicial killings. Photo by BrianOtieno via Kibera Stories)
(Fans react during the 2019 Kibra Derby football tournament between GogoBoys FC and Kibra United on May 19, 2019 at Kenyatta Grounds in Kibera. Photoby  Brian Otieno  via Kibera Stories)

We hope this list inspires you to create and capture life’s best, most unmissable moments. The tumblr photography pages and blogs that make up this list all focus on such different aspects of the art of photography, that it is impossible to feel bored with the contents.